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Ryu Second Album "AGEHA" Leaked?

It seems that various online shopping sites have updated their catalogs recently with a new Ryu☆ CD entitled "AGEHA", planned for release in early October of this year. Although most of the shopping sites do not detail the CD, the site neowing provides this description of the CD:

"To celebrate the 12th year of the world's most popular music game, beatmania IIDX, a new album from one of the top artists of the game, Ryu☆! Including Ryu☆'s popular song "AGEHA" as well as songs from the most recent beatmania IIDX game, beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS, such as "Light Shine" and 10 brand new songs for a total of 20 tracks (planned)."

The site also seems to reveal many of the special items that will be included, such as a replica credit card, a cellphone strap, and a questionnaire postcard.

We'll keep you posted on any new information coming on this CD.


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