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DanceDanceRevolution S+ Song Pack Update

Since it was released last year, DanceDanceRevolution S+, Konami's last DDR game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, has been slowly adding downloadable content to its "DDR Store", generally consisting of 5 to 10 songs from past DDR games every few weeks.

This week, however, there are a few special song packs out that we thought worth mentioning. First off, Konami is making a special "Starter Pack" available for a limited time. The starter pack contains all 150 Konami Originals that have been made available on the game up to this point (a list of which you can find here) for a discounted price of $64.99. At that price, you will get each song for about 43 cents a piece, so if you've wanted to play DDR S+ but haven't gotten around to getting it, this is a nice opportunity for you to get most of the DLC at a cheap price, provided you have the $65 to spend.

Also made available this week are three special license packs that have songs ranging from mainstream western licenses to fan-favorite Dancemania hits. The packs are:

Super Hit Tunes
Disturbia / Rihanna
Dream on Dreamer / The Brand New Heavies
Just Dance / Lady GaGa
When I Grow Up / Pussycat Dolls
Viva La Vida / Coldplay

Hot and Recommended Songs Pack
Daft Punk is Playing at My House / LCD Soundsystem
Ice Ice Baby / Vanilla Ice
Here it Goes Again / OK GO
Joy / Jazzin' Park feat. Heather Johnson
U Can't Touch This / MC Hammer

Butterfly,Boys and DUB-I-DUB Pack


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