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Sale: DDR 27" crt monitor

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I have for sale a crt monitor, for use in ddr machines, or any other machine for that matter. It has special attachments for DDR, but you could use it in any arcade cabinet.

Would anyone (namely gurt, since you have some arcade machines) be interested? Or anyone else that happens to want a monitor?

Depends no condition and price.

The condition is used but perfectly functional. All the wires are fine, molex connectors included, exactly how it came out of the cabinet.

Would you like to make an offer? I'm looking around on the internet and seeing all sorts of things, hahaha. Shipping would be a bitch, but I can probably drop this off at your house if you decide to buy it.

My Pop'n monitor is about the same size, but no point checking it as it works not me, sorry.

Hahaha that's cool, I'm wondering where the best place to sell this would be, though. Ebay? Does anyone know if any of our local arcades would have interest in purchasing such an item? Or do they mainly stick to big companies, etc.


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