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For sale: DJ Hero game and controller

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Hey guys, another one. Dunno if I'm allowed to sell here (??)

I'll have some pics up soon, but I have a DJ Hero game and controller for Wii for sale. No box, but controller is perfect condition (barely used) and game and case are both perfect, manuals included. I'll be able to meet you in the city, or possibly drop it around to your place. I think $30 is reasonable? If anyone is interested, let me know in the thread or via PM. I can get some pics up, but I can assure you it is top condition.

I'm cool with some trading via the forum, as long as it's relevant and isn't flooding the place.

If people want I can make a seperate sticky topic just for items for trade.

Aw, okay. I was hoping you were gonna buy it when I saw you had posted =P

Sorry, picked up Raph's copy he bought at launch, when 1 day later he decided he needed the Renegade Edition :D

If anyone's playing on Wii, it's a pretty neat rhythm action game. Don't worry about DLC, you wouldn't buy it at the prices they want anyway :/



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