Author Topic: Lots of stuff i want to trade off  (Read 1855 times)

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Lots of stuff i want to trade off
« on: November 26, 2010, 02:02:48 PM »
so i went through my game stuff and found all this which i know im never gonna have tome to play, i would prefer trade then sell. all I'm relly after is anything related to music games, bemani or otherwise. games controllers sound tracks im not fusses, i have all consoles so any format is fine. but if everything else fails i guess i can make a money deal. hit me up on pm if your interested in anything.

Nes cart only
air fortress
life force salamander
alpha mission
castlevania 2 ( x 2 ntsc / pal )

snes cart only
mechwarrior 3050
f zero
super rtype
dragon quest v ( jap )
popn twinbee

ffta manual and cart only
golden son 2 complete
metroid fusion cart only
castlevania cotm x 2 cart only
metal slug advance

nds complete
castlevania por
retro atari

sega game gear cart only
sonic 1
sonic 2
sonic drift 2 JAP
nba jam
space harrier
g loc
halley wars ( complete )

PSP complete
coded arms
mgs portable ops
star ocean 2

ps1 disc only
resident evil 1
time commando
galerians ( writing on disks, dont blame me )
ace combat 2
shell shock
hidden and dangerous
syphon filter 2 and 3
crises beat
dino crisis 1
streatfighter alpha 3 in case

ps2 complete
kof 2002

sega saturn complete
streetfighter alpha
xmen children of the atom
virtual on x 1 ( 1 is disk only )

dream cast complete
furfighters ( prelaunch copy)
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