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Summer Dance Celebration Wrap Up

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Brisbane didn't exactly bless us with the best summer weather, but the Summer Dance Celebration would not be stopped!

Thanks to everyone who made their way to Timezone Albert Street for the day, both competitors and spectators. We hope everyone had fun, and maybe made some new friends along the way.

Congratulations to the Expert Division 1st Place Winner, Wendy!

Results for our Final 4 were:
1st Place    Wendy    327 points2nd Place    Lachlan    449 points3rd Place    Chino    485 points4th Place    Pascal     743 points
Full results, with a breakdown of scoring per round, will be posted to the forum shortly.
Wendy receives a 1st Place Prize of $40 in Timezone Bonus Credit deposited to her Powerclub Card. Lachlan received the 2nd Place Prize of $30 in Timezone Bonus Credit, and Chino and Pascal both receive $20 in Timezone Bonus Credit.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of numbers, the Difficult division could not go ahead and competitors were rolled over to the Expert division. Apologies to those who had expected to enter that division, and thankyou for taking part regardless.

It's been a year and a half since RTF's last competition, and we thank everyone for their patience on the day as we got back into the swing of things. We already have some great ideas on how we can make our next DDR competition bigger and better, so we hope to see you all again early in 2011.

Final Rankings for Expert Division:

1st Place    Wendy    2nd Place    Lachlan    3rd Place    Chino    4th Place    Pascal     5th Place    Shanny    6th Place    Carlos    7th Place    David    8th Place    Jonathan    9th Place    Alex    10th Place    Josh    11th Place    EBE    12th Place    Stevo    
Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to all competitors!

Photos are now on Facebook, feel free to tag yourselves (I did some people before I got bored again).  Sorry for the delay...I've made the album public, so you should be able to access it even without an account.

Let it be decreed that this competition was REALLY FUN and I would fully support future oneses

If Timezone let us have another one, I'm dead certain there'll be one.  And it's not like we did anything for them to not let us...


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