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Bemanistyle[dot]com - More Unlocks for DDR X2
« on: December 23, 2010, 05:43:07 PM »
More Unlocks for DDR X2

<p><img src="" align="right" style="padding: 5px" class="tborder" vspace="5" hspace="5" /></p>DanceDanceRevolution X2 has unloaded a barrage of new unlocks for Japanese and Asian players today, including a few unexpected surprises.

First up, for the past few weeks, X2 has been in the &quot;Ganbare PiX KiraKira Douchuu&quot; event, which challenges players with a mini-game where the player throws PiX as far as they can across the galaxy (gameplay video is linked below).

From this event, these three songs have been unlocked for full play:

DM Ashura - aftershock!! - 157-528bpm SP[<font color="blue">3</font>/<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">9</font>/<font color="green">13</font>/<font color="purple">-</font>]DP[<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">9</font>/<font color="green">13</font>/<font color="purple">-</font>]

kors k - dirty digital - 140bpm SP[<font color="blue">1</font>/<font color="orange">4</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]DP[<font color="orange">4</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]

Amuro vs. Killer - ? (Mei) - 66-200bpm SP[<font color="blue">3</font>/<font color="orange">7</font>/<font color="red">11</font>/<font color="green">16</font>/<font color="purple">18</font>]DP[<font color="orange">7</font>/<font color="red">11</font>/<font color="green">15</font>/<font color="purple">18</font>]

Today, seemingly unrelated to the PiX event, the following songs were unlocked for all players:

SHIN SOUND DESIGN feat. Naomi Koizumi - BALLAD THE FEATHERS - 132bpm SP[<font color="blue">1</font>/<font color="orange">4</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">10</font>/<font color="purple">8</font>]DP[<font color="orange">4</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">8</font>]

colors - going up - 212bpm SP[<font color="blue">3</font>/<font color="orange">7</font>/<font color="red">10</font>/<font color="green">13</font>/<font color="purple">11</font>]DP[<font color="orange">7</font>/<font color="red">11</font>/<font color="green">14</font>/<font color="purple">12</font>]

seiya-murai meets ?eimy? - Leaving... - 145bpm SP[<font color="blue">2</font>/<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">8</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]DP[<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">8</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]

DJ YOsmegAKA feat. ???* (Kanako Hoshino) - MAX LOVE - 180bpm SP[<font color="blue">3</font>/<font color="orange">6</font>/<font color="red">8</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]DP[<font color="orange">7</font>/<font color="red">8</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">13</font>]

Noria - Melody Life - 172bpm SP[<font color="blue">2</font>/<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">10</font>/<font color="purple">11</font>]DP[<font color="orange">5</font>/<font color="red">7</font>/<font color="green">11</font>/<font color="purple">12</font>]

Interestingly, when these songs are played on CHALLENGE difficulty, the music changes to new Chinese vocal versions. We saw this happen early in X2's release, where NIJIIRO and iFUTURELIST (DDR EDITION) Chinese versions could be played on Edit Mode. A patch later fixed the bug, but now players can play these new versions again, as both songs have new CHALLENGE charts available for play.

Mei has also had a CHALLENGE chart revealed in Marathon Mode, where players pay one song at a time using PASELI. It is unknown how to get it at the moment, but it has not been made available in the normal game modes as of yet.


<a href="" target="_blank">PiX Event Gameplay[/url]

<a href="" target="_blank">BALLAD THE FEATHERS (SP EXPERT and CHALLENGE)[/url]

<a href="" target="_blank">MAX LOVE (SP EXPERT and CHALLENGE)[/url]

<a href="" target="_blank">going up (SP EXPERT and CHALLENGE)[/url]

<a href="" target="_blank">? (SP CHALLENGE) (NicoNico, requires account)[/url]<div class="feedflare">
<img src="" border="0"></img> <img src="" border="0"></img> <img src="" border="0"></img> <img src="" border="0"></img> <img src="" border="0"></img>
</div><img src="" height="1" width="1"/>

Source: More Unlocks for DDR X2
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Re: Bemanistyle[dot]com - More Unlocks for DDR X2
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 07:59:40 PM »
Cool. they look and sound good. the routine looks good too. One question though. What do the thunder thingos do?
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