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WTB: Pokemon games and gameboy


Hey everyone.

I'm interested in any older gen pokemon games, and a gameboy color. So blue/red/yellow, and gold/silver/crystal.

Let me know which one(s) you have if you are interested in selling them, and we can arrange a price. :]

I've actually been seriously contemplating getting rid of my older gen pokemon games (crazy as it sounds to anyone that knows me).

I can't find my Silver cart atm though (it's been missing in action since the move last October), and Vanessa doesn't want me to get rid of
any of my N64 stuff, which means I keep my Stadium 1 & 2 and my transfer paks, so getting rid of the GB/C games that use them probably doesn't make a lot of sense.

I'll try to track down my Silver cart again, and if I do, then depending on the offer I'll part with the games I have - Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal, all complete with book and box. Keep in mind that Gold (and maybe Blue, too) needs its save battery replaced (I can get that done by one of the guys at work).

I can't help you with the GB Colour, however - mine is not, and will never be, for sale/trade/whatever.

I managed to get a silver off ebay for $15 =P

Various game traders around stock rby, around $15 or $20, from what I've been told (haven't had time to go have a look). I'll replace the batteries in all of them, so that's not a problem. Your games all seem to be in pretty good condition (you have the boxes and books still!). I could take blue red and yellow all off your hands, maybe for like $50 (obviously this can change depending).

I'll check out game traders, and if they have them and it's convenient I might just grab them there if you don't want to part with them after all/want more than I'm offering, but if I could snag all three at once, that would be cool.


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