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FS: Japanese slim ps2, IIDX games and KOC


Hey everyone!

I have for sale a Japanese slim PS2. It has hardly been used any bought brand new by myself. I thought I'd get more into IIDX. Anyway, I can't find out what this is worth since I can't find them in any of the usual places on the internet, but I bought it for $150. It's practically new condition, so around $100 seems fairly reasonable.

Also I have IIDX 10th, 11th RED, and 12th HAPPY SKY to go with it, and an official Konami controller. I believe those games retail around $30 or so, and the controller at about $50, so I'll make the games $20 and the controller $40. The lot for $200, if anyone is interested in getting into BM, you'll have everything you need for a good while.

I'll get pics if anyone wants them too. I can just bring the stuff to the city or drop it by your house if interested.

edit, check my ebay for these items.


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