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Puma Tapers Dance game shoes

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Hello dance gamers.

I have for sale my spare pair of puma tapers. They are in great condition, hardly any wear and tear, and have a lot of life left in them. I have played in many different shoes, but these are globally agreed on as the best dance game shoe.

Shoot an offer or post if you are interested and we can decide a price. I won't be asking for anything ridiculous for them.

Looks slick and great. The bottom design of the shoe looks interesting. Different from my other dance shoes. The ones I got are made for spinning and sliding.

Anywho. I might think about it.

Up to you, but these are definitely the best shoes I've used for playing dance games ;D

Hi there,

I was wondering what size these tapers were?

Thank you! :)


Oops, didn't say! They are size 9. A few people are interested, so let me know:) are you in Brisbane?


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