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New Arcade For Fortitude Valley - Fast Play


Rumours started circulating a couple of weeks ago about a new arcade opening in Fortitude Valley. Last week, I was able to visit the site and take a few random pictures to share.

Fast Play on Wickham St (just across the road from the Brunswick St Mall) is now open. It doesn't look like much, but does appear to be a work in progress.

The DDR cabinet is an Extreme set to $2 for 3 songs (a little pricey for such an old mix). It's sandwiched between 2 other machines, so the space feels a little crowded, but the pads are in decent condition.

The other machines are an unusual selection, most of which seem to have been picked up from other recently closed arcades around town. Tekken and MaxiTune are covered, but the rest are an odd mix of older releases. A large portion of the store is made up of prize redemption games, but as these are the modern arcade's bread-and-butter, that shouldn't be a surprise.

Fast Play is open until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights, so if you find yourself out in the Valley and desperate for a gaming fix, there's now somewhere to go.

Second pic actually makes the arcade look nice...a lot nicer inside than outside based on these images.

The place is clean and neat, and the machines all seem to be in good condition (although it does feel a little crowded atm).

It's just the building itself that doesn't look too fantastic (inside not quite as much as outside). tbh a lot of buildings around the Valley are like that, Voodoo Lulu had the same sort of problems to contend with when they opened up around the corner from there. It's just the nature of these old buildings.

Surprised you haven't mentioned all the signs yet.

I think I might go off there when I get the chance. Or after a drink.


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