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PSSP20: Anniversary - Results!


Thankyou to everyone who came in to Replay last weekend to take part in PSSP20. This competition focussed on DDR Performance, and we were very pleased to see new players getting involved.

It's no secret that we have fallen on tough times in Brisbane's DDR community, with support from arcades at an all-time low, so it was great to see another successful PSSP.

The final results for each section are as follows:

Performance: Solo

* 1st - Amber
* 2nd - Kylie
* 3rd - Roy
Performance: Team

* 1st - H.Edward@RTF & Rei@RTF
* 2nd - Amber & Kylie
1st Prize of $200 was awarded to Amber in the Solo Performance section, as voted by our panel of judges.

Score Attack: Section A

* 1st - Wendy@RTF
* 2nd - Kevin
* 3rd - Marlin
Score Attack: Section B

* 1st - Gurtygurt@RTF
* 2nd - Nat@RTF
* 3rd - Joel@RTF
Thankyou to all competitors, and congratulations to our winners! Full results from Edward@RTF are now available here.

We've been shown that Performance is still alive and well in the DDR fan-base, so we look forward to seeing what you can put together for our next competition.

This is my first year, and its been great. Happy 6th anniversary to the forum. And many more



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